eerie hydroelectric dream

eerie hydroelectric dream
military on the scene
all the villages are dead
terrified in deserted
industrial cathedrals

sliding into dense blue water
swimming in despair
towards unscalable walls
condemned to listen to the hum
of massive engines underground

lifeless eerie stillness
landscaped with access
for invisible workers
realising subverted fear
disembodied voice of god
abyss on the face of void

bridge above the smog of glare
throat set against the pain of thirst
dense forbidden waters
remote energies subsist here
in gravitational convergence

eerie hydroelectric dream


earth magnetic flux vibes

Vertical steel pillars used in the construction of buildings, are invariably found to be magnetized. This occurs owing to the induction by the vertical component of the earth’s magnetic flux density. Similarly, steel joists lying horizontally in the magnetic meridian become magnetized by the horizontal component. The process of magnetization is often assisted by vibration set up by riveting during the course of construction.